Are Ping Pong Games Played to 11 Points? – Expert Guide

Table tennis, also
known as ping pong, is a game that is won by being the first player to earn
11 points and be at least 2 points ahead of their opponent. If both players
have earned 10 points, the first player to gain a 2-point advantage wins the
game. A match is the best of 5 games and is now played with a maximum of 11
points. The International Rules state that referees should not wait until
they determine that players are ready to continue playing before equalizing
the score.To play a casual game of table tennis, players must stay away from
the table and use the top of the paddle to push it down at a 45-degree angle
while making contact with the lower half of the ball.

During a rally and a point is being decided, both players
can stand up wherever they want and launch their shots from any position,
even beyond the net, on the opponent’s side of the net. The basic service
consists of holding the ball in the palm of the hand that is not playing and
throwing it upwards.In addition to the official table tennis rules, new
players must learn the “rule of etiquette” in table tennis. If the ball
touches the net and still bounces off the opponent’s side of the table, the
serve must be repeated. The ball must be above the level of the playing
surface and behind the server’s end line (or an imaginary extension of it).

Throwing the ball into the air and missing it (or not
hitting the ball against the side of the table where it belongs) results in
the player losing a point. However, a common method used at lower levels of
play is for a player (or the referee) to hide the ball in one hand, then
place both hands under the table or behind the back, and then ask the
opponent to guess which hand the ball is in.Table tennis rules have been
changed many times in recent years in connection with service law, but for a
casual game of table tennis it’s still very simple. Knowing some of these
basic rules will help you play with your friends and have fun.

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