Table Tennis Rules: How to Play Leagues Legally

tennis is a popular sport that requires players to adhere to a set of rules
and regulations. Games are typically played with 11 points, and the best
three out of five games are usually played. When serving, players must comply
with an intricate set of rules. Most casual ping pong players serve illegally
and don’t even know they’re doing it.

Team secretaries are
responsible for ensuring that all players sign and comply with the Code of
Conduct.If the League approves a resolution calling for the dissolution of
the League, the Secretary General shall within one month convene an
Extraordinary General Assembly to discuss and vote on this resolution. If a
player has played for another team (from the same club) in the Handicap Cup
competition, he will be tied with that team throughout the tournament. In the
event that no mutual agreement is reached, the Steering Committee shall
determine the outcome of the games not played or, alternatively, may order
that the remaining matches be played at a later date.Players can touch the
ball or table with the hand of the paddle (after reaching out to return a
short serve, for example) or other parts of the body. When playing doubles,
players must hit the ball across the court from their right half to the right
half of the opponent’s table.

Singles players can serve
anywhere on the table, as long as it bounces first on their side and then on
the other side. If playing doubles, players must hit him on the other side of
the court so that he bounces on their side of the table and then on the right
side of the opponents.To serve legally, players must hold the ball behind the
end line and above the height of the table. Before starting any season, clubs
must complete a membership form and return it to the treasurer of the League
along with the membership fee due. No player may play for more than one team
in any game week, except for special conditions outlined in Rule.

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Failure to comply with these rules may result in loss of
points or imposition of a fine or suspension by League Management
Committee.Table tennis serves generate a lot of debate among players because
some of the rules are not very simple. In pickleball, serves must be played
with a blow underhand and contact must be made below waist, while in table
tennis it can be served with any movement as long as service is legal. If
ball is in play when play is interrupted, play will resume with service of
player who served on rally interrupted.A Management Committee composed of
officers plus five members elected annually shall meet no less than four
times during year to discuss and decide on any matter that arises. To ensure
fair play and adherence to rules, clubs must complete membership forms and
return them to treasurer along with membership fee due.

Players must also sign Code of Conduct and abide by all
rules set forth by League Management Committee.