Table Tennis: Rules & Regulations for Using Technology

Table tennis, also
known as ping pong, is a sport in which two or four players hit a small,
light ball back and forth on a table divided by a net. It’s just a bat, a
ball, and a 9-foot-by-5-foot table, but even in a sport like table tennis,
technology can still play a role. The ITTF has developed some laws and
regulations to use the TTR (Table Tennis Technology Rules). Through the
curves and graphics of interest and confidence of table
enthusiasts, it can be clearly seen that the sensor has an
important importance as a guide to increase the interest of table tennis
enthusiasts and can better increase the confidence of table tennis
enthusiasts.Experts have presented many valuable opinions and suggestions for
this study, and they also offer unique insights into the impact of smart
table tennis, sensors on table tennis training, and the impact of equipment
on table tennis training in the future.

Young table tennis
enthusiasts use table tennis as a sports activity in their spare time, which
can achieve the purpose of strengthening their bodies and revitalizing their
bodies and minds. Because the operation of table tennis is simple and fast,
and there are no special requirements for the body, men, women and children
like table tennis.In the context of this research, it is essential to design
a training program for table tennis enthusiasts. Participants in the control
group only participated in the training and did not use table tennis, smart
sensors, or support apps. This fully mobilized the subjective initiative of
the experimental group of students to actively participate in training, which
deepened their interest in table tennis and improved the effect of
training.The net set shall consist of the net, its suspension and the support
posts, including the clamps that secure them to the table.

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If a rival doubles pair includes at least one player in a
wheelchair, any part of the wheelchair or a standing player’s foot crosses an
imaginary extension of the center line of the table. After using the smart
table tennis sensor, 80 questionnaires were distributed to the students who
participated in this practical training and 80 questionnaires were collected
effectively.Players are always informed about TTR technology before the match
starts. It is important to understand what is TTR procedure and how to use it
if you’re a table tennis player. According to relevant
research results, there are nearly 150 million enthusiasts in China who
regularly participate in table tennis.

Therefore, it is
essential to know all rules and regulations for using technology in this