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A game of table
tennis is typically played with 11 points. To win the game, a player must
score two points more than their opponent. Usually, the best of three out of
five games is played. There is no specific rule that determines the amount of
time that must elapse between games in a table tennis

If you hit the ball at a rally or on a serve
and it bounces off the net after hitting your opponent’s side of the table
(due to an extreme turn), without your opponent touching it, that’s your
point. Players must leave their racquet on the table during the break, as the
rules do not allow players to change their racket unless it is damaged. If
you are the person serving, you must stand behind the end line of the table
and the ball must be visible and above the table surface. Here we summarize
the essential rules of table tennis from USA Table Tennis
to help you resolve those disputes in the garage or office.During each game,
the first player to score 11 points wins, as long as there is a minimum
margin of victory of two points.

However, individual table
tennis matches at the Olympic Games are played in the best of seven games,
which adds additional prestige to the individual title at the Olympic Games.
The effect of a 2001 rule change was that the duration of table
tennis games
was reduced by an average of 50%. Whether you call it
ping pong, table tennis, or it smells bad, these official table tennis rules
will help you keep things in order.There is no limit to the number of Lete
points in table tennis, not in the game, not even in a single point. Doubles
teammates must hit balls alternately on a rally, no matter where the ball
lands on the table.

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Let’s keep things simple and say that
you should never, in any situation, hit the ball if it hasn’t touched your
side of the table first.In conclusion, a game of table tennis typically lasts
until one player scores 11 points with a minimum margin of two points. The
best of three out of five games is usually played in tournaments. At Olympic
Games, individual matches are played in best of seven games. The 2001 rule
change reduced the duration of table tennis games by an
average of 50%.

Knowing these official rules will help you
keep things in order.