Table Tennis Techniques: How to Become an Expert Player

tennis is a sport that requires skill, technique, and strategy. To become a
successful table tennis player, you must master a few different shots and
techniques. Biljana Biba Golić, the “Anna Kornikova of table tennis”, is
a great example of what can be achieved with the right techniques. Strikes
are the main offensive strokes in table tennis.

involve a light hit that produces a low ball trajectory. When your opponent
pushes the ball, you can use this opportunity to recover and return to the
table. The shakehand grip is the most popular grip used by recreational and
professional players alike. It involves holding the paddle with your palm
facing up and your thumb and index finger forming a V-shape.

backhand block is an important shot in table tennis as it keeps the point
alive when your opponent presses you close to the table. To execute this shot
correctly, you should stand close to the table with your right leg farther
away from it than your left (or vice versa if you are left-handed). Your body
should face the table at a slight angle, with your right foot and shoulder
slightly farther from the end line than your left. When playing in a loop
against a ball that rotates upwards, you must close the angle of the racket
and brush the ball so as not to go beyond the table.

a sufficient distance from the table so that the tip of the paddle barely
touches its edge. Keep the shovel slightly closed (the face of the shovel
faces slightly toward the top of the table) and hit the ball at its peak of
rebound.These are just some of the techniques that you need to master if you
want to become a successful table tennis player. With practice and
dedication, you can become an expert in no time.

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