5 Essential Rules of Table Tennis You Should Know

tennis, also known as ping pong, is a popular sport that requires players to
follow certain rules and regulations. To ensure a fair game, it is important
to understand the five essential rules of table tennis. The first rule is to
stay behind the table. Players must remain behind the table at all times
during the game.

This rule applies to both singles and
doubles matches. The second rule is that a game is played with 11 points. A
player must win by two points in order to win the game. Usually, one game is
the best of three out of five games.

The third rule is
that there are five types of illegal serves in table tennis. To ensure
fairness, players must follow the official rules for serving table tennis.
The ball must be thrown upwards and at least 16 cm away from the free arm.
The angle should be below 30 degrees.

The most
“annoying” and “illegal” service is the “hidden service”, which
occurs when the ball is not thrown high enough.The fourth rule is that if a
ball bounces off the net after hitting an opponent’s side of the table (due
to an extreme turn), without your opponent touching it, that’s your point. In
doubles matches, teammates must hit balls alternately on a rally, no matter
where the ball lands on the table.The fifth rule is that an otherwise legal
serve or hit may come into contact with the upper edge of the horizontal
surface of the table top and be considered valid, even if it bounces
sideways. You can touch the ball or the table with the hand of the paddle or
other parts of your body.These are some of the basic rules of table tennis
that you should know before starting to practice this sport intensively.
Whether you call it ping pong, table tennis, or it smells bad, these official
table tennis rules will help you keep things in order.

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