Table Tennis Rules: Everything You Need to Know

Table tennis is a
popular indoor sport that involves three teams competing against each other.
The goal of the game is to use a racket to hit the ball over the net to the
opponent’s side. A point is earned if the other player doesn’t return it. Wheelchair-friendly
tables must have legs at least 40 cm from the end line of the table for
players competing in wheelchairs.

The net is 15.25
centimeters high and extends across the width of the center of the table,
dividing it into two equal parts. A game is played with 11 points and must be
won by two points. Usually, one game is the best of three out of five
games.If you’re looking for an official guide to table tennis rules, you’ve
come to the right place. Here we summarize the essential rules of table
tennis from USA Table Tennis to help you resolve those disputes in the garage
or office.

Wheelchair doubles 20.19 The service will be as
indicated above for the individual game, but the ball can leave the table through
the sideline of the receiver’s right half court. If your opponent’s blow goes
over your side of the table without touching it and hits any part of you or
your paddle, that’s still your point.Doubles teammates must hit balls
alternately on a rally, no matter where the ball lands on the table. An
otherwise legal serve or hit may come into contact with the upper edge of the
horizontal surface of the table top and be considered valid, even if it
bounces sideways. If you hit the ball at a rally or on a serve and it bounces
off the net after hitting your opponent’s side of the table (due to an
extreme turn), without your opponent touching it, that’s your point.The name
table tennis was adopted between 1921 and 1922, when the old Ping-Pong
Association formed in 1902 was re-established.Whether you call it ping pong,
table tennis, or it smells bad, these official table tennis rules will help
you keep things in order.

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With this guide, you’ll be able
to settle disputes and get back to playing in no time!.