3 Types of Spins in Table Tennis – Backspin, Topspin & Sidespin

tennis is a sport that requires a great deal of skill and technique. One of
the most important aspects of the game is the ability to spin the ball. There
are three main types of spins in table tennis: backspin, topspin, and
sidespin. Backspin is the most commonly used spin by amateur players.

It is achieved by using a push stroke, which causes the
ball to travel slowly and bounce when it hits the table. This type of spin is
easy to attack with a topspin attack. Topspin is a favorite among table
tennis players due to the Magnus effect, which causes the ball to fall more
on the table. This spin is used for attacking and requires an extra touch
when serving.

Sidespin is used away from the table and is
sometimes referred to as “hook shooting”. It does not change the rebound
much, but it can cause the ball to curve significantly. It is often combined
with other types of spins such as topspin or backspin. Mixed spin is a
combination of several types of spins and can be used to create a superior
lateral spin or a spinning ball on top.

It requires
players to adapt and change the angle of their racket in order to deal with
these spins. In the early days of table tennis, players used hard bats
without sponge, which made it difficult to put spin on the ball. However,
with the introduction of sponge in the 1950s, it became possible to put more
spin on the ball, which changed the way table tennis is played today. When
hitting a topspin shot, you should start your stroke below the ball and brush
your racket tangentially against it above its equator with an upward and
forward movement.

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When hitting a backspin shot, you should
start your stroke above the ball and brush your racket tangentially against
it below its equator with a downward and forward movement. When hitting a
sidespin shot, you should brush your racket tangentially against it with a
lateral movement. When playing with a side turn, brushing the left side of
the ball will cause it to go to the right, while brushing the right side will
cause it to go left. When playing with topspin or backspin, hitting with an
upward or backward turn will cause it to stay low or rise higher respectively
when it bounces off the table.

Spinning in table tennis is
very complicated and requires players to have good technique and timing in
order to be successful. With practice and dedication, anyone can master these
spins and become an expert at table tennis.