What is Single Game in Table Tennis? – Learn Rules & Equipment

tennis, also known as ping pong, is a popular pastime for millions of people
around the world. It can be played by two or four players and is a great way
to stay active and have fun. Singles table tennis is a game for two players,
and the rules are slightly different from doubles table tennis. It’s
important to understand the rules of singles table tennis in order to play a
friendly or competitive match.A singles match consists of the best two out of
three games.

The winning player must reach 21 points first
or be ahead by two after the score reaches 20 in each game. If the score
reaches 20-20, the players or teams will alternate their serves until one
side has gained a two-point advantage, at which point that side wins the
game.In each game, the initial order of reception will be the opposite of
that of the immediately preceding game. The service rotation will take place
as in the second game, with the fifth receiver (first server) delivering the
sixth set and the partner of the fifth server (first receiver) receiving the
sixth set, and so on until the end of the game, or the score 20-20.In the
third doubles game, after having played 20 points in total, the first
receiver will become the fifth server and the first server will become the
fifth receiver, similar to the rotation in the second game of the match. In
the last possible game of a match, the players or couples will change their
final when a total of 20 points have been played.Table
is an exciting sport that requires resourcefulness, strategy
and quick feet.

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The essential equipment is similar to that
needed for individual table tennis, except for some additional paddles. BUT
if your opponent’s blow goes over your side of the table without touching it
and hits any part of you or your paddle, that’s still your point.Table tennis
rules for singles and doubles can be confusing for both novices and veterans
since they changed in 2001.It’s important to understand these rules in order
to play a friendly or competitive individual table tennis match.