Table Tennis: A Fun and Challenging Recreational Activity

tennis, also known as ping-pong and whiff-whaff, is a recreational activity
and Olympic sport since 1988.It is a racquet sport derived from tennis, but
which is distinguished because its playing surface is above a fixed table,
rather than the court where the players are. The game began in the 1880s,
when lawn tennis players adapted their game for indoor play during the
winter. Parker Brothers then imposed their trademark for the term in the
1920s, causing the various associations to change their names to table tennis
instead of the more common, but registered term. Table tennis balls come in
several different types, depending on the quality specifications with which
they are manufactured.Table tennis is broadly based on a ballroom game played
in the 1880s by British army officers stationed in India and South Africa.

Although both a table tennis association and a
ping pong association existed in 1910, a new table tennis
association was founded in 1921, which was renamed the English Table Tennis
Association in 1926.Playing can be incredibly challenging and fun, as table
tennis is much enjoyed at a bar with a few drinks. Ignoring those few drinks,
table tennis can also have many health benefits, since you need to be
constantly on the move while you play. Because of its small minimum playing
area, its ability to be played indoors in all weathers, and the relative
accessibility of the equipment, table tennis is enjoyed around the world not
only as a competitive sport, but as a common recreational pastime among
players of all levels and ages.Table tennis is governed by the International
Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), founded in 1926, and specifies the official
rules in the ITTF manual. Feng Tianwei, a Chinese-born player who represents
Singapore, has won medals at three Olympic table tennis events, more medals
than the native Singaporeans have won in all other sports combined (two).

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The tables themselves can be made of just about anything,
though most tables you can buy will have wooden tops. In table tennis,
topspin is considered an offensive technique due to the increase in ball
speed, lower biomechanical efficiency, and the pressure it places on the
opponent by reducing reaction time.Round the World table tennis (also called
Round Robin or Round the Table) is an informal party-type variant in which
players line up on both sides of the table. Table tennis is an incredibly fun
and challenging recreational activity that can be enjoyed by people of all
ages and levels. It has many health benefits and can be played indoors in all