What Professional Ping Pong Players Use: The Best Rackets

Killerspin Diamond CQ Premium ping pong paddle is designed
for champions. The professional quality blade is made of 7-layer composite
wood and carbon fiber for greater precision and an extra touch, perfect for
an aggressive playing style. But professionals play with completely different
rackets – always a new rubber with a lot of grip and the ideal blades. That
does make a big difference, doesn’t it? If you’re looking to take your
table tennis game to the next level, it’s important to
know what the best players use.

We’ll take a look at some
of the top rackets used by professional players, as well as some great
options for intermediate players. We’ll start with German table tennis legend
Timo Boll. He usually plays very offensively, now he is very close to the
table and he usually shines with his outstanding backhand. He holds the
racket in the form of a handshake.

Rackets for
Intermediate Players

The Yasaka Mark V racket kicks off our first
bat for intermediate level players. A staple of the table tennis world, the
Yasaka Mark V rubber has helped table tennis players win many titles,
including former world number 1, Ma Lin. However, despite its use at the top
of the sport, it is still an excellent rubber for players who have not yet
reached an advanced level. It’s not as fast or as swivel as today’s upper
tires, which means it offers more control in lower gears.In my opinion, it’s
the perfect rubber for players looking to dive into personalized equipment.

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The lack of a catapult effect makes it very linear to
play, which is ideal for players trying to learn advanced shooting, such as
loops. With an impressive combination of scores, it’s easily one of the
best-selling table tennis rackets among intermediate level players. Backed by
many professional international table tennis players, it has achieved an
astonishing coverage rate in both professional and amateur circles.

for Professional Players

As for the fact that it is sacred for a
paddle to break or break, professionals are careful not to be too aggressive
with their ping pong paddle because they know that a good one will cost them
quite a bit of money. An example is a ping pong paddle that weighs around 163
g per ounce, or 660 grams in total for both sides, which will be good if
you’re an aggressive player, since it’s heavy enough to help generate power
and speed in the game, but not too heavy when you lose control.

The material a racket is made of and the way these
components fit together affect both its performance ratings and its weight,
the two most important considerations for someone looking for new equipment.
On each side of the sheet, on top of the sponge, there is a rubber layer that
is the surface that will come into contact with the ball (often called the
topsheet). As a player who relies on spinning serves and powerful right
loops, Rasanter is my personal choice of rubber series. In short, the
Killerspin Jet 200 is a well-made shovel with good value for money that
offers a good spin on the ping pong ball.

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While it may be
a bit expensive, the Killerspin Jet 800 is the best ping pong racket offered
by this Chicago-based manufacturer and will delight intermediate-level
players who play aggressively. We recommend the STIGA table tennis racket
cover, it has more space to protect 1 to 2 ping pong paddles and is very


While you shouldn’t have the
attitude that a better shovel or a better rubber will make you better right
away, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at what the best table tennis players
actually use in their games. A high-quality ping pong racket will have a more
prominent sweet spot, making it easier for the ball to pass over the net and
reach the opponent’s table.