What Size Are Ping Pong Balls and Golf Balls?

Ping pong and golf
balls are surprisingly similar in size, with the ping pong balls having a
diameter of around 40 mm and the golf balls having a diameter of about 43 mm.
However, their masses are vastly different, with a ping pong ball weighing
2.7 g and a golf ball weighing 46 g. The ping pong balls have a diameter of
1.57 inches, while the golf balls must be at least 1.68 inches in
diameter.Although both types of balls are legal for competitions, plastic
balls are only used in tournaments organized by the International Table
Tennis Federation (ITTF). This is because they are so light and smooth that
they experience a great deal of resistance when playing.

It is recommended to always have a large collection of
ping pong balls available when playing.During the manufacturing process, each
half of a ball sticks together in the presence of normal air. This works well
for playing ping pong as it gives players enough control and time to make
their shots. In terms of weight, ping pong balls retain the highest position
as they are the lightest ball played in any type of game.The design of ping
pong balls is fascinating, with each one weighing around 2.7 grams or 0.095
ounces, while a golf ball weighs around 45.93 grams or 1.62 ounces. To make
it more comfortable to bounce on either side of the table, these balls are
made smaller and lighter.Urethane is slightly more expensive than other
materials, meaning that golf balls with urethane covers are often preferred
in short play situations as they offer more control.

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However, it is important to note that playing ping pong
with a golf ball can cause significant damage to your table tennis