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Table tennis
rackets, also known as ping pong rackets and table tennis bats, are used by
table tennis players to hit the ball. The two most common types of table
tennis rackets are inverted and pips out. Inverted rackets have rows of small
grains or nuggets that face inward, while pips out rackets have tips that
point outwards. Both types increase the grip of the racket on the ball,
allowing for greater spin and harder and more precise hits.

Table tennis rackets are made up of two distinct parts: a
blade and a handle. The blade is composed of one to seven layers of wood,
cork, fiberglass, carbon fiber, aluminum fiber or Kevlar customized for
various styles of play. The rubber layer is then fixed on each side of the
blade with water-based glue and trimmed to fit the blade. The International
Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) allows different surfaces on each side of the
paddle to vary the amount of turn (even cancel it out) or the speed.

This means that little wear and tear is allowed, but if
the tires are so damaged that the ball is likely to bounce unpredictably and
cause problems for your opponent, you’ll have to change them. When choosing a
new table tennis racket, it’s important to consider your playing style and
skill level. Lightweight paddles are ideal for players who play close to the
table and therefore need to get into position faster to use their wrist. On
the other hand, if you’re an amateur player who just wants a racket for
recreational use, you can opt for a more basic model.

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