What Type of Rubber is Used on Table Tennis Rackets?

tennis is a sport that requires the right equipment to perform at its best.
The type of rubber used on the racket is an important factor in determining
the quality of play. Sticky rubbers are the most commonly used rubbers for
table tennis, as they have a smooth, sticky surface that allows for more spin
when hitting the ball. These rubbers are also known as “inverted” or
“pimples inside”, as the nuggets face inward towards the sponge with a
smooth outer surface.

This allows for a larger contact
surface with the ball, resulting in more control over the ball’s direction
and spin. Inverted rubbers are not recommended for beginners, as they can
cause the ball to be propelled out of the face of the racket with too much
force and speed. For those looking for an offensive or multipurpose option,
there are many durable and affordable table tennis rubbers available. It is
important to periodically check the list of authorized rubbers on the ITTF
website to ensure that your rubbers are still legal for tournament play.

Tenergy 05 is one of the best rubbers available, as it
offers incredible attack potential and control. Shakehand players who use
short dots usually use them only on one side of the racket, usually the back.
Rubbers that come out of the shins have less surface area in contact with the
ball, so they have less friction and grip. The user must be able to read the
turn of the ball and determine how heavy it would feel when touched to decide
the correct angle of the racket and amount of brushing to be done.Only tires
with the ITTF logo are suitable for use during official table tennis

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This logo indicates that the rubber has been
reviewed by ITTF and meets all requirements. Tenergy 05 is a great option for
those looking for an offensive or multipurpose rubber, as it offers
incredible attack potential and control. It can also allow you to reverse the
direction of the ball’s spin and create your own unpredictable turn.