Types of Spin in Table Tennis – How To Apply Them

tennis is a sport that requires a great deal of skill and technique. One of
the most important aspects of the game is the ability to spin the ball. There
are three main types of spin that can be applied to the ball in table tennis:
backspin, topspin, and side spin. Backspin is the most commonly used spin by
amateur players.

It is relatively easy to do and can be
achieved by using a push. The ball will travel slowly and bounce when it
touches the table, making it easy to attack with a topspin. For those who
like to play a helicopter style, backspin is a great option. Topspin is
another popular spin in table tennis.

Due to the Magnus
effect, the ball will tend to fall more on the table, making it an ideal
attack for many players. The ball with topspin will jump forward and down
when it hits the table. In addition to these two spins, players can also add
a side twist to their shots. Left-handed players such as Xu Xin often use
this technique to add more power and spin to their loop shots.

This type of spin is known as a lateral turn or hook shot
and can be difficult for opponents to block. Mixed spin is also possible in
table tennis. This involves combining different types of spin such as pure
lateral turn and pure upper turn to create a superior spin. This type of spin
can be used for service or away from the table shots.

applying spin to the ball, it is important to remember that contact time is
very short (1 ms). Therefore, it is important to speed up at the right moment
before contact with the ball. It is also important to remember that turning
with the push side does not require as much speed as turning with the pull
side.Advanced players can use stiffer balls, rackets, and rubbers to produce
more spin and speed on their shots. When learning how to apply spin, it is
important not to give up even if most of your shots float right at the end of
the table.

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With practice and dedication, you will
eventually master all three types of spins and be able to use them
effectively against your opponents.